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The Perfect Time Which Never Comes

“What’s the best time to buy a condo (to invest in real estate, to rent a home, etc.) in Toronto?” is one of the most common questions in my job.

But “the best time”

in most of cases is not about the time. It depends on many factors. And it do depends on you. Are you really ready to buy? Than the best time was yesterday, but the second best time is right now!

And to know that you are really ready, ask yourself these 3 questions: ❓Do you already have a down payment? ❓Can you handle the payments? ❓Are you ready to be the owner? And if the first two can be calculated, the third is about your readiness to repair, renew and pay extra annual fees.

So, are you ready? Let me know and we’ll find your best time and, perhaps, even the best neighborhood!

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