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5 Valhalla Inn Rd, Toronto 1br condo Will be listed at $429,000

My clients bought this condo in 2016. It was their first property in Canada. I saw them change jobs, obtain new professional designation, become more confident with their income, acquire new friends and now have their first baby👶.

They loved💝 this place, they used the amenities often including swimming pool, sauna, outdoor terrace where they have BBQ'ed their dinners, party room where we celebrated holidays together. I have been a frequent guest at this place and always was happy for this couple.

Now it's time to move🚗. I love selling homes for the reason of moving to a bigger space to accommodate for now bigger family. This condo is well cared for and is filled with positive loving energy. Best of luck to my clients and wishing great beginnings for the buyers! You will enjoy it!

Pictures of the unit are coming soon!

If you have questions or would like to see the condo call me direct at 647-271-4402.

If you would like to sell or buy your home I will be delighted to help you with your real estate needs!

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