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Thank you for visiting our page to see what are the first 2 steps of getting your condo ready for a successful sale:

Step 1. Staging

A lot of people think that spending money on staging is a waste of time. Why spend? Can't people see the space? No. They can not. We have collected hundreds of sales and it is proven that staging increases the sale value by 10-20%

We work with a professional team that collaborates with multiple furniture and home decor stores, that provide high class furniture rental for the purpose of staging. This creates a visual set up for potential buyers where they can not only see but feel themselves welcome in your place which is step one towards making a decision to put an offer.

Step 2. High quality photography.

In this day and age everyone has a high definition camera on our cell phones. Do realtors save 200-300 dollars by taking pictures on their cells? YES. Does it work to create the best value for you? NO. We have tried many companies and I have settled on only 1 that consistently provides the best quality of photography.


They specialize exclusively on real estate photography. In the 3 minute video below you will be able to view before and after pictures and compare quality of photos, also before staging and after. Before pictures where taken with Google Pixel 3XL - the best quality camera Android phones have and yet the difference is astounding.

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Why these 2 steps are so crucial?


We have heard about first impression when meeting people. Same rule applies for the decision for one to see or not to see the unit after viewing the pictures on internet. Stats say that 90% of people get introduced to the property through the internet.


The only way you can influence the decision to come see the unit is by providing an inviting atmosphere through the pictures. You have 1 chance to make the first impression remarkable.

Steps 3 to 5 are discussed in person once we meet to talk about your situation. They work in congruity with the first 2 steps.


Step 3 Choosing correct pricing strategy. - to be discussed in person


Step 4 Superb negotiation skills to be discussed in person


Step 5 Close communication and respectful attitude towards cooperating agents - by our team.


During our meeting we will also explain:

  1. The step by step selling process

  2. Provide comprehensive market analysis and suggest sales price range.

  3. Calculate expected costs.

  4. Explain complete marketing plan

and more........

If you have more questions that you would like to discuss or chat over a cup of coffee let’s get in touch

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...or feel free to contact us directly via phone- 6472714402  or email.

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